Solar panels on Blackfriars bridge in LondonSolar panels on Blackfriars bridge in London Photograph: /Network Rail

After nearly five years in the making, Network Rail has today cut the ribbon on the world’s largest solar-powered bridge at Blackfriars Bridge across the River Thames.

As part of a project with solar installation firm Solarcentury, the roof of the bridge has been covered with 4,400 photovoltaic panels, providing up to half of the energy for London Blackfriars station.

First Capital Connect, which runs Blackfriars, expects the panels to cut the stations’ carbon emissions by an estimated 511 tonnes a year, further reducing the carbon footprint of its train routes to the south east of England.






The Levitating Wireless Computer Mouse “The Bat” by Kibardin Design.
A set that consists of a base - mouse pad and floating mouse with magnet ring .

One of the goals of this product is to prevent and treat Carpal tunnel syndrome.

KIBARDINDESIGN BAT levitating wireless computer mouse.

An awesome invention with purpose!

Great idea

We only have one marketing objective and that’s to build positive, long-term meaningful relationships by making emotional connections first with our team members, then with our guests and then with the communities we serve. … This objective can definitely be a challenge. If you pose that objective in front of your board of directors or management, the first thing they’ll say—as I’ve had my bosses say—is, ‘Well, that’s all well and good but what’s your sales objective? What’s your transaction and profit objective?’ The answer to that is that those aren’t objectives. Those are results.
Dwayne Chambers. CMO Krispy Kreme “Tasty Marketing Advice” (via peterspear)

"Had our ancestors been asked to predict what would happen in an age of widespread prosperity in which most religious and cultural proscriptions had lost their power, how many would have guessed that our favourite activities would not be fiery political meetings, masked orgies, philosophical debates, hunting wild boar or surfing monstrous waves but shopping and watching other people pretending to enjoy themselves?"